Sunday, 14 August 2011

When Vangelis met DK (part 1)

Donkey Kong Country 2: Diddy's Kong Quest's musical piece In a Snow-Bound Land has been one of my most favourite tracks in the game for a long time. But I searched it up on YouTube, and what did some people say?
"Rip-off of Vangelis's Antarctica!"

I, being naturally curious, went to search for this Vangelis dude and his music. Finding the piece they were referring to, I discovered something.
It almost sounded exactly like the DKC track. Listening to more musical pieces by this man, I became a fan of the atmospheric tunes he had created. Some of it just sounds so unmistakably Donkey Kong-esque! And mr. Vangelis, and David Wise, too if you happen to be reading this... that's a good thing.

But really, it just can't be a coincidence!

1. In a Snow-Bound Land VS. Antarctica

Ah, the track that started it all for me. The similarity is mostly the atmosphere and the background melody. The DKC track adds more of a main melody to it. They're still both awesome in a different way, though!

2. Fear Factory VS. Procession

These ones are a bit more far out than the first two. The similarity mostly lies in the atmosphere. Mostly later in the Vangelis piece, from his album The City, you can really hear an ominous, dramatic, and emotional undertone also present in the DKC track.

3. Cave-dweller Concert VS. Echoes

Again, it's mostly the ambiance in this one. But Echoes wouldn't have sounded out of place in a cave level!

4. The Credits Concerto VS. Chariots of Fire

This one is a bit more obvious. Especially the background melody sounds very similar. They both evoke a feeling of triumph, though, and make you feel like you can do almost everything.

5. Stickerbush Symphony VS. Alpha

These, again, sound a bit similar, and even though Vangelis's piece takes longer to build up, they both sound amazing.

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