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Best songs in the series... in my opinion

Having finally seen the whole series, I can finally judge the songs. A lot of haters of the show usually jab at the songs first, claiming it to be bad and out-of-place, never mind the fact that the games had some very impressive music as well. Click the title to hear them!

10. Diddy Drop Rap (Follow That Coconut)

DK and Diddy went running through the mountains thinking nobody would think they'd go through the mountains. Except K. Rool had the exact idea. They bump into each other to which K. Rool holds Diddy over a cliff. So what do they do? They rap. It must be heard to be believed.

As silly as this sounds it's actually quite catchy and the only song in the show I can sing myself without watching the episode. Much to the annoyance of my friends, heh!

9. I Haven't Got a Friend in the World (Klump's Lumps)

This episode was one of the first I saw way back when I was just a little Ribbers - and I developed a liking towards Klump because of it that I still have to this day.... I mean, just LOOK at him poor guy awww

So yeah, after another failed plan he got exiled by King K. Rool leaving him in the jungle. He meets up with Dixie and the two become friends. It's pretty heartwarming. And bloody adorable, too.

8. The Mirror Never Lies (Ape-Nesia)

Let's face it, Skurvy's singing voice is awesome. It's no wonder his voice actor voiced Klump in season 2! But anyway, DK loses his memory and the pirates convince him he's Donkey Croc, a pirate. So Skurvy gets a mirror that's not really a mirror and they sing about DK being a pirate.

Unbelievable, people! Rare, Nintendo, and Nelvana made pirates awesome even before Pirates of the Caribbean!

The reflection tells a story of a pirates' life and glory, trust your eyes!

7. Gotta Give it Back (Get it back) (Legend of the Crystal Coconut)

DK being naturally nosy heard from Inka-Dinka-Doo that to know everything, he must give up everything. So he gives the bad guys the crystal coconut.

However, he quickly realizes this is not the way to go. K. Rool also throws a fit claiming it's a trick. And meanwhile the pirates are just after the coconut as well. So K. Rool's cronies, DK, and the pirates run through the jungle hoping all they'll reach their coconut the first. What results? A insanely catchy song sung by nearly half of the cast.

6. Pirate's Scorn (Legend of the Crystal Coconut)

Again with the pirates? Arrr! Don't judge me! Pirates are AWESOME! and they're much better than ninjas hehehe. So yeah. Skurvy, being the scurviest seadog to ever sail the six... I mean seven seas spends most of his day singing and dancing. I don't see stuff like that in PotC!

Somebody get that lad a jar of dirt.

5. Me Like Snow (I Spy with my Hairy Eye)

Eddie the Yeti is hilarious. He just is, okay? So he runs into Candy Clone and proclaims his love for her with a really silly little song.

4. The Curse of the Golden Banana (Raiders of the Lost Banana)

This one's just on this list because of it's sheer randomness. DK has acquired a rare golden banana from the temples and Cranky thinks it's gonna curse the whole island. SO WHAT DO THEY DO? I think you know by now... they sing and dance.

Pretty catchy song too. Gets bonus points for Klump's spying... he also appears to find it catchy.

3. No One's Gonna Make a Monkey Outta Me (Get a Life, Don't Save one)

K. Rool is once more quite annoyed by something, so he decides to sing away his annoyances. This time it's because Donkey Kong and Bluster are working together and K. Rool thinks it's a scam.

Still, it's a pretty kickass song. Even though Klump thinks otherwise... quoting him just after the performance; "My head hurts."

2. King K. Rool's Finest Hour (From Zero to Hero)

This song is epic. Now I excuse the misuse of that word, but I couldn't think of anything else. Suddenly K. Rool sings awesomely. I'm guessing after One of Us, his actor got singing lessons, since he sounds noticeably more awesome here than he did there.

So, K. Rool finally has that coconut. He celebrates by singing.

And yet he still stays in character to provide some comic relief in between the awesome chorus...

Obviously parodying The Lion King's Be Prepared, though. That movie came out the same year as the game Donkey Kong Country... But c'mon, it's K. Rool.

1. I Ain't Got no Family Tree (The Kongo Bongo Festival of Lights)

I'll use a silly little comic I doodled down of my reaction.

Klump's VOICE, man. That voice actor has some serious skills. I mean... He even stays in character! Which actors even do that nowadays! Disregarding the fact I've got a crazy fangirl crush on Klump it's still a sweet song... OH and he rules at playing the piano for some reason too. Edward Cullen can go suck it.

SO YEAH that brings us to an end. Will I post more about this show now that I've seen it all?...perhaps.

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