Saturday, 28 May 2011

Power source? What power source?

As most of you may know, and if you don't, shame on you, the Donkey Kong games mostly take place in deep, dense jungles. Jungles on an island, just near a few other islands. Donkey Kong and Diddy Kong regularly watch television and/or play video games and/or listen to the radio, while King K. Rool and his henchmen may occasionally sit down in front of a computer to annoy people on Facebook.

Well, except not really. (this image is purely fictional, I made it myself.)

Not really internet, though. K. Rool does own a snazzy PC thingy that he uses to play games with, among some more stuff. However, what has been bothering me - where did they get the power from, to use electrical appliances?

I have been paying a little bit more attention to Physics at my school, and we're at the chapter electricity and power now. Power is what one needs to have working electrical appliances. Power usually comes from power stations. Power stations most often are ginormous, take up a lot of space, and produce electricity for others to use, to, say, watch TV. However, there are no power stations in sight anywhere on DK Isle, nor Crocodile Isle. Well, used to be for the latter, at least, as it sunk... But alas. No power stations at all! There might be some at Showdown Town, but that's quite a swim from DK Isle.

So how in the world is DK able to watch television?

Saturday, 14 May 2011

On the Origin of Kremlings

As a Donkey Kong Country fan, I've always been intrigued by the Kremlings. As a little kid who just got a Super Nintendo Entertainment System, I found myself loving the villainous crocodiles more than the monkeys I played as, my fondness for dinosaurs and reptiles probably to blame. And then Donkey Kong 64 and the TV show came along and the fondness only grew. I vaguely remember that as a little kid, during various games at school with my classmates, I used to pretend I was a Kremling. I bet none of them would know what I was talking about... well, they didn't, even if I had someone be that poor Kritter who was dangling off one of the Blast-O-Matic's constructions, yelling "Help! Help!" repeatedly. Heh.... moving on, in the last decade, it had been a rather bleak time for a DK fan such as me, for there were very little games released, apart from a few ports and games that would've suited better as platformers. However, where Nintendo threw out the whole original cast sans DK himself, the Japanese company Paon paid much more respect for the franchise and its characters. In one of their outings, Donkey Kong Barrel Blast/Jet Race, they brought back the whole DK crew, save for Chunky, Kiddy, and Swanky. (And Bluster as well, but he's a jerk and not canon to the games.) Even the not-usually remembered Lanky. In the Kremling roster, some new characters appeared, but even then, they brought back some old characters.

While I do applaud the fact they included a Kopter (a rather unfamiliar Kritter grunt from Donkey Kong Country 3: Dixie Kong's Double Trouble!) and even Klump as a single character as opposed to a mere mook to the roster, I still weep for the fact that Krusha was nowhere to be found... and yet again, another big, bulky Kremling took his place.

As of now I'll be calling Krunchas Little Red Ragin' Hood.

However, I don't really mind now, as in Returns, there's no Kremlings in sight at ALL. However, in Jet Race/Barrel Blast, the new characters look pretty awesome and it's the first time ever that female Kremlings actually appeared in the game.

However, I'm going terribly off-topic. Allow me to ramble and pretend I'm a biologist or something. This doesn't concern Klaptraps, though. More about them later.