Thursday, 30 June 2011

Species and stuff

Have you ever wondered what species the animals in Donkey Kong Country were? Wonder no more!

1) Squawks.

Squawks looks like a parrot, acts like a parrot, and moves like a parrot. Yet, his species is more closely related to the common breegull than the parrot. Because the species began to move and act like a parrot, it became a parrot. Looks-like, at least. It's comparable to the way how marsupials look a lot like other mammals because they share the same lifestyle. Tasmanian Devil=Wolverine, Thylacine=Wolf, you get the point. But why is Squawks's species closely related to the Breegulls? The answer lies in its odd way of protecting itself - spitting eggs. Females have insanely quick-working ovaries and screwed-up innards, which means that they can use their unfertilized eggs as projectiles. Quite glaringly similar to a Breegull.

It's more than that, though. Detailed studies revealed oddly similar wing-shapes.

The two species share a similar skeletal structures as well, but this is not able to be seen with the naked eye. That's where the similarity ends, though.

2) Mugly and Thugly

You know, those two freaks that appeared as bosses in Donkey Kong Country Returns, having an appetite for the Kongs' beloved bananas?

They were better off calling this creature Fugly.

Word of God proclaims they're based off the Horned Toad. Those are pretty ace creatures, really. Their means of protection is squirting blood from their eyes. Bejungle'd: Teaching you more about animals than Animal Planet. To spare the younger readers, I will not be posting images of their defense here. Instead, have a cute one lounging there casually.

D'aww, look at him just lounging there.

However, Mugly appears to have a mechanism which makes spikes pop up out of his back if he's in trouble, kind of like retractable teeth. You know, like that adorable dragon from the awesome movie How To Train Your Dragon.

Yeah, I just needed an excuse to post a pic of Toothless and Hiccup. Because HTTYD is my favourite movie. Apart from Donkey Kong Country: Legend of the Crystal Coconut, of course.

Having a bullseye on his back isn't that odd when you realize that in some instances the rock hyrax, a silly little animal that's a relative of the freakin' elephant, also happens to have one. And his teeth? I dunno about that. Screw them teeths.

Thugly however lacks the retractable spike and instead has a protective armor like an armadillo. He has sharp teeth however to make up for the lack of spikes.

I can't really say anything else about it, other than the fact that as much as I love the game, I really wished the makers would pay a bit more attention so that the enemies' designs would make sense.

Any more odd things?




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