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On animated movies + bonus short fan fic!

Alright, I am sorry for posting an off-topic post. This is just the only place I could post it without bounds... And if I offended anyone, my sincerest apologies.

I have watched animated films all my life, as some of you have probably heard before. Same for that, I have watched all of Pixar's films and enjoyed them all, some more than others. However, Pixar has been disappointing me lately... much like a certain game studio. Rare decides to make sports' games, and Pixar makes a sequel to one of their least imaginative films, Cars. However, Pixar will release a new movie with new characters after that (that includes amazing scenery, which I like being a forest fetishist) whereas Rare proclaims to not disappoint their old fans but having said nothing about Banjo nor Conker.

But what is it now? I think I may end up liking Dreamworks better.

Dreamworks animation studios has long been known for negating Disney's clichés and themes and happily avert fairy tail-like tales. (Did I say fairy tail? I meant fairy tale, of course.) All of this with a good helping of pop-culture references and gross-out jokes. And let's not forget their massive case of sequelitis, with the worst offender being Shrek who currently has four movies on his name with a spin-off in the works! Their first computer-animated film, Antz, did not really know which audience it wanted to appeal to, having been marketed as family enjoyment, but containing mature themes such as decapitated ants and the word damn. It's 'this Kong's one hell of a guy!' all over again! Well... and the decapitated head part I guess Conker and the zombies? Oh well. Apart from that, they appeared to be more in it for the money, pumping out sequels just for the funsies.

Pixar, however, had been known for making movies everyone could enjoy, containing refined jokes and little pop culture references, and their first (and only at the time) sequel, Toy Story 2, managed to be just as fun, perhaps even better, as the first film without appearing like a cash cow. The first time I found myself seeing Up, I trusted Pixar. Trusted Pixar on not making any crude jokes and the like. Guess what? They didn't, thus earning my trust. I would happily go see every film they made after that on the big screen, even the now vastly-overrated Toy Story 3, much more gladly than anything made by Pop Culture-loving Dreamworks.

But then there was How To Train Your Dragon and Cars 2.

What did these movies do? They completely turned my expectations around. Whereas I first respected Pixar and disrespected Dreamworks somewhat, now it is the opposite. Cars 2 is a sequel to a film that did not need a sequel at all and was just in it to cash in on the massive amount of merchandise sales (Every single character, no role too small, has a collectible figure of them. Seriously. That reminds me... Where's my Klump and Krusha figures, dammit!?) And it gets worse. I've heard that most places other than Pixar Planet (no offense) deem Cars 2 Pixar's first official stinker, deeming it more stinky than that poor bloke Honker the Skunk who never appeared after Conker's Pocket Tales like the Evil Acorn. Not just that, though. They claim the film focuses less on the story and character development... and too much on explosions, flashy action and tributes to various countries. (Not even the Netherlands, dammit!) While I have by no means even seen the movie, I will soon and decide if all these rants are justified. I kind of liked the first film, anyhow.

How To Train Your Dragon was made by Dreamworks, but you won't believe how it changed me. It was a moving, heartwarming film devoid of useless references and crude humor. It had a likable protagonist and an adorable dragon in the main roles, so I am probably biased since I like... likable protagonists and adorable dragons better than cars... but that's not it. It's how I did not deem Dreamworks able of making such a movie. They gained the same kind of respect Pixar gained from me with Up. Pixar pumped out a second sequel: Toy Story 3. People's first reactions were just positive, and even resulted in the film getting an Oscar for best animation. In the end, with the hype died down, there wasn't really anything mind-blowing about it and Pixar just played on people's heartstrings and/or nostalgia goggles. Everyone who grew up with the first two films, including me, were with tears in their eyes at the incinerator scene, I know. But that was only the first time... for me at least. Nostalgia goggles! The idea of characters you idolized in your youth, dying together!... What the hell they still lived with no scratches at all.

Meanwhile, Dragon got better with age instead. At first, people were impressed, but they'd rather see Toy Story 3. That's how I felt too, until I actually saw Dragon. It blew me away, even in 2D. And while Hiccup got out of the climax alive, he lost his leg. What do you say to that, Woody? With your broken arm that just got sewed back on with no ill results, huh? *annoying fanbrat dance* But then... Woody did lose his girl so I guess that's kinda sad too....
After Dragon, Dreamworks kind of gave up on the pop culture and exchanged it for emotion. I have heard Kung Fu Panda 1 'n 2 and Megamind were just as emotional as standard Pixar fare. So kind of... they changed roles, if that makes any sense.

Srs Hiccup and Toothless are srs.

The voetnoot? (sorry can't think of the English word for that) Pixar can do whatever the hell they want, people will love it. Until Dreamworks says; 'hey stfu noob i can make heartfelt shit too' and Pixar's like 'nuh-uh no way you don't, watch us make another sequel to a film nobody really liked best and still get the famezies' and Dreamworks is like 'dude your mother' and Pixar is like 'dude not cool...' and Dreamworks suddenly ends up being my favourite animation studio.

Too soon?

Oh well. Brave will decide everything.

However, my favourite animation studio is Blue Sky. Just because they're more my kind of animation, get it? They've got such beautiful colours and animation... and the fact they used a Rusted Root song in Ice Age is awesome. Even though I found out about the band thanks to that movie... what? They're awesome! and sorta remind me of DKC. It's the drums.

...what do you mean I owe you something?.... Oh yes of course, the fan fic! My backstory for Krusha. And how the hell he ended up with Klump and K. Rool anyway. Enjoy. If that's possible. I apologize for any out-of-characterness. I always try to make the characters appear as close to their original appearances as possible. Well... I just wanted to tie the loose threads together!!1


It was a warm, foggy night. Of course, it could have also been a dark and stormy night, or a moonless night... but for some reason it was not. Seagulls flew above the sea’s surface, screeching and fighting each other for scraps of food. One almost hit his head on a large rock. The mainland of Crocodile Isle, that towered defiantly over the rivalling DK Isle.

In the king’s main hideout in K. Rool’s Keep, his general, Klump, was pacing about, bored and not knowing what he should do. “King K. Rool, sir? Can I go out and -”
K. Rool shot him a glare. He was reading his favourite comic book, as usual. “Oh, sure, General. This night is much too glorious to be interrupted by your incoherent babbling. Get outta my sight!”
And so, the chipper young general bounded to the nearest exit. However, he came back again about a minute after, a confused expression on his face.
“King K. Rool, sir, I have t’ tell ya somethin’...”
Another glare. The king’s eye had swollen up. That was a bad sign. It only happened if he was excited or angry. And that happened a lot.
“What. Is. It. This time!” he yelled, still occupied with his graphic novel. “It better be something great...”
“Er – I think you should take a look yerself.” Klump said, adjusting his helmet and saluting. He then proceeded to follow his king who had stood up and walked towards the nearest exit. They both peeked out carefully. K. Rool gave a disappointed snarl.
“You carry your jokes too far, Klump! There’s nothing in -”
But when he looked down, he broke off. Before him, lying at his doorstep, was a little wrapped bundle of... something. He bowed down to glare at it with one big bloodshot eye, but after doing so, he just went back without second thoughts. Klump was astounded.
“King K. Rool sir! You’re not gonna... leave ‘im there, do you?” he called after his ruler, but got no response at all. He crouched down and picked up the bundle, and unwrapped it. His eyes widened. What was put there on the doorstep, was a baby Kremling, much like himself, except blue. It was fast asleep. The young general started panicking.
“KingK’Roolsir!” he shouted. No response, once more. He shrugged and turned back to the child.
“Poor little guy... left out here all alone,” he mumbled. The youngster woke up and yawned, not startled at all. Discovering that he was still outside, Klump quickly went back inside the cave. It took K. Rool a while to discover that his general was pacing about again, uttering baby-talk towards the bundle he saw on his doorstep. He frowned at the sight.
“Klump! Why are you talking baby-talk on work-time?” he yelled.
“Permission to ask why you’d leave this poor li’l sucker out in the cold, your heartlessness?” He tried to salute, but almost dropped the kid while doing so (he only just managed to not drop him). “King K. Rool, sir?”
“Wh- what-” the king uttered. “I didn’t know it was a baby! Let me see!”
Suddenly not interested in his graphic novel any more, King K. Rool went over to his general to take a look at the young ‘un that he found.
“Put it back where you found him,” he stated bluntly after examining the kid for a while.
“But – oh no, you wouldn’t, you couldn’t!” Klump retorted. “He’s just a baby! A baby, sir! You can’t just expect a baby to take care of himself, y’know! I know we’re bad guys, but even bad guys have standards.”
The king only gave an angry scowl. But after seeing the tiny Kremling’s big eyes, he mellowed.
“Alright, he can stay.” He mumbled, and reached out a hand towards the baby.
“Well, aren’t you a cute little bugger? Aren’t you? Yes, you are!” he murmured, somewhat mockingly. However, the kid suddenly grabbed hold of his index finger, and somehow possessing sheer force, almost crushed it. The Kremling King yelped out in pain. “My hand! This is not a baby, this is...” his left eye suddenly grew in size. “However, he can prove to be useful while battling those chest-pounding primates... sure, he can stay alright!”
“Ha! Darn right crushed your finger!” Klump said. “Crushed, huh... how about we call ‘im Krusha?”
The kid didn’t say anything, but instead tried slapping the young general in his face playfully.
“Whatever you want,” K. Rool said. “But get it outta my sight when I’m reading!”
“I can teach him to say Sabre and Krystal...” Klump laughed. “Been there, done that, y’know...”
“Leave me alone!” the king boomed.
“Oh well, whatever floats your Gang-Plank Galleon, King K’Rool, sir,” the general turned back to the kid. He smiled at him, and he smiled back. “Krusha... my little Krusha...”


Note to self: Overused words; Bounded, paced, boomed, frowned. Don't wanna pull a SMeyer. Chagrin chagrin chagrin.
In theory it sounded pretty adorable. Don't judge me. And of course, I am still practicing writing, and enjoy writing fan fiction. In fact, I am considering giving Reaver the Harpy Eagle new life as a Rio fan character.... once I can be arsed to fangirl about that film. Awesome film, but I'm still mad over DKC now.

And before you ask, yes, I do own a fan fiction account.

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