Wednesday, 11 June 2014

E3 2014 Rareniverse coverage

Not much happening this year. Donkey Kong appears as a cool new figure for Nintendo's new Amiibo feature, and Diddy will undoubtedly follow. New playable characters in Super Smash Bros. are Palutena, Pac-Man and every Mii imaginable. Once again, K. Rool has been snubbed, but I'm afraid there'll be no way to predict if he really is not in the game until it actually releases. At least there's the Kremlings. Schrale troost.

Don't worry, K. Rool. I'm not in Smash Bros. either.


And of course, best of all -- Conker's back.

Definitely the highlight of Microsoft's otherwise pretty dull conference, the game's called Project Spark, where you basically create your own worlds, levels, games -- and he's a playable character. It's not a Bad Fur Day 2 (thank LOG!) but he's a DLC, and he looks amazing. The rest of the game, even without him, looks like a lot of fun as well. He sounds like Conker as well.
Sources are being vague, but right now it's not sure if Chris Seavor voiced him or not. Additionally, some sources thought for a moment that it was my dear boyfriend Bryant instead, and it honestly wouldn't have surprised me. Bry does a pretty damn accurate Conker impression. We were both in a Skype call, watching Microsoft's conference and not having much faith in it, together with another friend of ours when he came on screen. The reactions, all of our reactions, it was amazing. I wish I had recorded it.

But alas. We were happy. Conker brought us together, and now he's back. But most of the fandom prefers to be angry about it instead, for whatever petty reason. I've spoken about my displeasure towards it multiple times on my Tumblr. Caps lock, Wreck-it Ralph analogies, and colourful language were the result. I even went as far as calling out bitter Rare fans as Rare fanbrats.
They're just hating for the hating by now. And when popular people announce their displeasure for it, they just follow along as well, garnering even more hate.
I just... don't understand. If you follow this blog, you'll know why I'd prefer a sequel to Bad Fur Day to remain out of the question. But seeing Conker again at all... it was the last thing I ever expected. I'd sooner expect Mordecai and Rigby to come out as a gay couple, for Rusted Root to tour the Netherlands, Nintendo finally announcing a new Mario movie, or me actually publishing my damn novel I've been working on for six years. I was ready to be at peace with never seeing him again.

"Ten years without a new game... why don't you make it yourself?" 

I am unbelievably and exceedingly happy. I've missed you, fluff-butt.

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