Sunday, 12 August 2012

DKC in Japan

So yeah, thought it was time for just another silly blog post. I will contemplate stuff, but mostly ramble. Ahem... I have been working on a new header, so expect to see that soon, too. Whenever I'm not lazy, at least. So, instead of complaining about things, I will probably complain about things. Wait...

Recently I have been obsessed with the Japanese language for some reason. Mostly because Donkey Kong, because hey, when have I ever obsessed about something else? (That was a rhetorical question.) I've gone out of my way to memorize how to say 'I love Donkey Kong' in the language, frequent Pixiv for fan art and surf around on the web for more tomfoolery like that. I am beginning to appear like a weeaboo. But alas...

The Donkey Kong Country TV show appears to have a much bigger fanbase in Japan than it does elsewhere. I've seen many wonderful pieces of fan art but what really amuses me is that I mailed one of those people who does fan art like that, telling them that their art was awesome, and I got a really polite and grateful mail back. That was, like, so cool. But alas, one thing that differs; it's never been established that K. Rool, Kaptain K. Rool, and Baron K. Roolenstein are the same people, so most of the fanbase sees them as brothers. This also explains how Super Smash Bros. Brawl does the same.

But one thing I love is that they love the show as much as the games. I often feel like I am the only one with that mindset.


And with that, I'm off again.

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