Wednesday, 13 June 2012

Donkey Kong Land III

(Sorry for my inactivity! I have a lot of articles waiting to be published, but they're either very old now or require some fine-tuning.)

Yup. Donkey Kong Land III.

I got this game a while ago from a good friend of mine 'cause she didn't play it anymore, and only recently got to play it. (finished it in the same day, too.)

Obviously, it's like Donkey Kong Country 3: Dixie Kong's Double Trouble! in many ways, such as how it stars Dixie and Kiddy on their adventure through the Northern Kremisphere in search of the... Lost World?! Where's DK? Wasn't he ape-napped?

Yes. I expected a mere port but got much more than that! I guess after Donkey Kong Land II was released, it got criticized for being an exact port... oh well! It would be interesting to note that DK and Diddy don't even appear in the game - at least, not physically. Wrinkly mentions DK, Diddy, and Funky sometimes when you visit her.

Although it's a fun little game and I while I really enjoy the new levels - I can't help but wonder which part of the Northern Kremisphere this takes place in - it has a couple of glaring oddities I can't just ignore.

First off, name issues. Wrinkly, when the player leaves her cave, warns Dixie and/or Kiddy to "Keep an eye on those Kremlins". I'm sorry, but it's Kremling, not Kremlin.

And another glaring inaccuracy is how the baddies' parade refers to a Knocka as Krusha. Excuse me?

Aside these oddities it's a pretty fun little game, with interesting new views on an old area. The 8-bitified music is also a pleasure to hear. It has some cool effects too, surprisingly, like the rain in some of the cliff levels and some fun references in the level's titles (like the punny 'Miller Instinct'), and the bosses, while the same guys as from the SNES, require a different defeat, some even having different sprites.

In short, it's a fun game. I'm trying to finish it for 100% now...

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