Sunday, 27 February 2011

Where I jump around and rant like a loony

Truth to be told, I adore the DKC TV show possibly more than I adore most other stuff on TV. Skin me alive, kick me out, give me a silly nickname, call me a backstabbing murderer, throw me to the Klaptraps, etc, etc, I don't care. I LOVE THAT SILLY SHOW.

Why yes, Krusha, stealing is, in fact, bad. Too bad you're a bad guy yourself, eh?

But the sad part is, there's some episodes I'm really curious about yet cannot find them anywhere. The episodes I'm looking for are Speed, To the Moon Baboon, Watch the Skies, Baby Kong Blues and Message in a Bottle Show. But the sad part is, I can't find them anywhere, while Mario Wiki even nags me with providing screenshots and plot synopsis's. It irks me to no end, because that show is so darned fun to watch.

See Reaver. See Bluster. See Bluster run. Run, Bluster, run!

Here's the plan - I need help. Help finding those episodes. How can you help? Well... perhaps alert others. I dunno. But only if you feel like it and have got nothing better to do. I don't wanna bother anyone. 'til Then, I'll just draw some stuff. And write fan fiction.

So here goes nothing.


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