Tuesday, 8 February 2011

Dinosaur Planet's do's and didn'ts

I know most of you don't like fanon, preferring reality with facts over mere theories. But sometimes I have an idea, and that idea is just too perfect to not be canon. So it's fanon instead, and I use my fanon in each fan fiction I write. Do you follow me? What has this to do with fanon... well, you guys do remember Dinosaur Planet?

You know, I quite like this artwork. Why didn't Rare make more of it?

Of course you do! Not to be confused with a Discovery Channel series with a similar name, that epic adventure game with those... cat/fox dudes as protagonists, who were on a journey to find a wizard dude who also was their poppa [citation needed], and at the same time battle evil dinosaurs led by the even eviller General Scales... what do you mean, never heard of it? That may just be because it got changed into Star Fox Adventures late in development. I never witnessed this happening as I was much too young but... The character of Krystal got a drastic makeover while the character of Sabre just disappeared and got replaced by the similar-looking Fox McCloud. Poof. Zap. Zlitch. And gone.

While I have nothing against Fox, I really wonder what the game would've been like without him and his buddies.

(fantalk ahead. If any of you don't like fanon, turn around and leave now. Please.)

Let's just pretend that both games happened. I, for some reason, think the version of Krystal as seen in Adventures is the same as the one in Dinosaur Planet, except a few years older. Makes sense? But what about Sabre? I seem to think he's quite a reckless type of guy, and so, he got eaten by one of the many dinosaurs that gave the planet its name. I had some hilarious story with a sub-plot about Conker dying yet again, only to find the poor fox/cat/something dude sobbing on the floor how an evil demon sent a doppelganger to take his girl away from him. That is not canon... fanon-canon, canon-fanon as they're apparently siblings, not lovers. I think. And also dang Google for not providing good information. I'd visit Rare's site with the way back Internet machine but I don't feel like it. Meh.

So yeah, Krystal doesn't take her brother's death well. Now fighting General Scales on her own, she eventually runs into the alien Fox McCloud and falls head over heels for him. (I seem to think so - haven't got far enough in SFA to prove that.)

Say, in my Own Personal Fanon (I'll be referring to it as OPF for now) I seem to think that Dinosaur Planet is, coincidentally, a well-known comic series distributed around the Isle O' Hags, Timber's Island and all those other islands. There's also a lot of related media like a TV show, a movie, yes, even games. And puzzles. And T-shirts. And yo-yo's. What's wrong with yo-yo's? I like yo-yo's. Most of this stuff is able to be bought at large cities and towns like Showdown Town. In the non-official official comic, Sabre doesn't die, of course, and Krystal looks like some combination between her DP look and her SFA look. And it is more a continuing series, exploiting different areas and characters than just the main plot in the game. Yeah... the fans would have never known that most of the stuff in the comics actually happened somewhere in outer space. Heh!

Tricky, the Triceratops from Timber's Island, claims he's in the series too, but nobody believes him and just dismisses the notion as a coincidence that the main characters' pet Triceratops just so happens to share a name with him.

For some reason, I see Diddy Kong as being a fan of the Dinosaur Planet franchise, mostly the comics. I even played with the idea of the Star Fox team accidentally landing on Earth in, you guessed it, DK Isle. Cue fanboy!Diddy claiming he's Krystal's biggest fan... only to get chased off by Fox. You know, because most of his antagonists are, like, totally monkeys. Poor Diddy.
But alas, nothing of that would ever happen. Diddy would only know Krystal as a fictional character.

Still, barring all these silly fanon theories, I'll never forget the game it was, or the game it would've been. Star Fox Adventures is a beautiful game, but.... something is missing.

Dinosaur Planet may be dead and long gone, degraded to a memory... but to me, it just isn't.

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