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Fan fiction - Return to Crocodile Island

Return to Crocodile Isle, is, to those who don't watch me on DeviantART - a tale I wrote about Diddy Kong and Dixie Kong who journey to the resurrected Crocodile Island to take down K. Rool who kidnapped DK... again. I finished it yesterday when my internet was down... yeah. I did have a good excuse to rant on fan fiction clichés through Cranky, though.

‘What’s that? Oh, leave me alone. I’m old, I need my rest. How did your silly little fan story-quest go, anyway? I wouldn’t like to be seen dead in a story that has fan characters and fellow apes being out-of-character, but whatever...’

Diddy and Dixie, on their way, meet strange enemies and make unusual allies, one in the form of Reaver, a female Harpy eagle that works for K. Rool but is rebelling against him.

Mind you, I don't usually create fan characters, but this idea was too good to pass up.

She began life as a throwaway Animal Buddy idea after I read about how Harpies could lift monkeys, so she'd made a nice equivalent for Squawks, which I presumed has gotten older since his first game. But eventually I grew on her premise and design, so she was mostly the reason I wrote this story. One of the others reasons were zombie pirate Kremlings.

Some early sketches of the zombies. They're pretty creepy... but remove the boney parts and give 'em pupils and they're funny.

These zombie Kremlings were mostly an idea gone wrong for a possible sequel to Donkey Kong Country Returns, what with me wanting to see them return. But what nobody seems to get is; their isle. It sunk to the bottom of the ocean back in Diddy's Kong Quest.


So, I thought, what if their isle gets resurrected by a struggling K. Rool finding the Source and blasting it back up, making the dead Kremlings undead?

‘Oh, what’s that you say, pipsqueak?’ K. Rool mumbled mockingly. ‘Such language for one so small, tsk! Such bravery. Misplaced... You do realise I’m the supreme overlord around here, do you?’

Of course, and there's K. Rool too. Well, in my story, he just kidnapped DK because he seeks revenge for all the things the Kongs did to them in the past. Diddy and Dixie come to kick his arse. It's... pretty cool, I think. I tried to capture both his threatening side, shown in Donkey Kong 64, and his comedic, talkative side, as shown in the TV series. He's the supreme overlord of the Harpy Squadron, having imported them as chicks and raising them to rid his isle of any monkeys who dare to enter. Little does he know about Reaver's intentions, though.

‘I mean, you know Diddy? I can’t remember the many times I accidentally kicked him off a branch. Yet, he always comes climbing back up. Know why? ‘cause He’s my boyfriend and we love each other.’
‘Shut up about that,’ Diddy hissed. But yet, he just went to sit right next to his girlfriend.
‘You see?’ Dixie stated triumphantly. Diddy pouted and made an angry face, which made her giggle. She hugged him tightly.

Of course, another reason is that I really, really, did I mention really?, really like Diddy and Dixie. I may be fangirling about DKC, but the two I like most are those two. Why, I hear you ask? Well, I am certainly not interested in romantic entanglements concerning myself. Yet, if a character I like has a boyfriend or girlfriend, I grow to love that character more than the rest. I do not know why.

And also, familial love, too. Most characters abandon these thoughts for romance. For shame, familial love can be VERY sweet if done right. Actually, Diddy has, let's say, best of both worlds.
For one, Dixie is his girlfriend, but DK is like his uncle. Also substitutes for his brother, father, and whatnot... the one time they're messing around hitting each other on the head and the other they're defending each other. Their relation is very prominent in Donkey Kong Country Returns, and is one of the reasons why I adore that amazing game.

So yeah, it can be said that I like when a character isn't a cardboard cutout.

‘Don’t tell anyone, but I’m scared!’ she yelped. ‘Do something! You’re supposed to be strong, as you’re the strong male counterpart! Save me!’
‘What ever happened to feminism?’
‘Don’t say anything,’

I finished the story yesterday. My internet connection went kablooey, so all I could do is write and draw and play games. I chose for writing, and presto! My story, done. I'll get to uploading the rest of it sometime next week, I think.

You can read it over here.

Thanks for reading, everyone, and thanks for all the comments, I appreciate it loads!

And remember: I sincerely hope that the added character of Reaver doesn't get on your nerves.

Donkey Kong Country and associated characters are (C) to Nintendo. I claim nothing. Except those drawings I did, heh.

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