Monday, 26 December 2011


Just posting this to wish everybody who reads this a Merry Christmas!

...Or if you don't celebrate Christmas, happy Hanukkah, Kwanzaa, Festival of Lights or whatever else you might be celebrating! And a happy New Year! Enjoy it, because it's presumably the end of the world next year. Yeah, like I'd believe that. I'd sooner believe an island with intelligent monkeys and crocodiles inhabiting it is real.


Anyway, thanks for reading this blog and sticking with me all these years! It's been nearly a year now since BeJungle'd! had seen the light of day, as a little fangirl-blog of a little... fangirl. And I hadn't regret it ever since, even with the few followers I have now, you're all special to me, honestly.
I'm still as obsessed with DK as I was before and this holiday, I am secretly wishing that there will soon be a new DK game. Even if it will be on the 3DS which I don't have. Oh well.

Other news, I have finally managed to buy the Krusha figure from the Japanese Takara set! Much joy is had! ...he still hasn't arrived yet and it's been almost a week but the shipping was dirt cheap so I must wait but I don't even mind. And I might be getting Donkey Kong Jet Race/Barrel Blast and Donkey Kong: Jungle Beat soon. More stuff to contemplate over! Hee hee!

Happy Holidays, and don't feed the Klaptraps!

Oh, and if you ever have a plush K. Rool you don't want anymore for whatever reason? Sell it to me. I will be indebted to you.

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