Monday, 11 April 2011

Lakes, forests, and more lakes

One thing I find interesting about the Donkey Kong Country games, is how some levels, places, and characters really seem to derive from something else in real life. Some obvious, some not so much, some intentional, but all of it really makes me like the games even more.

Say, since Donkey Kong Country 3: Dixie Kong's Double Trouble!'s overworld, the Northern Kremisphere, was based on Europe, I saw a some similarities on my holiday to France.

Lake Orangatanga - Lac de Ste Croix

A few years ago I went on holiday to Bauduen, France with my parents and some friends. Near us was a lake named Lac de Ste Croix. In person it really bears a lot of resemblance to the lake levels of Donkey Kong Country 3. Well, a lot is an understatement - it is nearly identical, save for the lack of boardwalks. I almost expected running into some Kremlings there.... None of that however - instead I, random as it may seem, ran into one of my classmates. Heh!

My apologies for this short post. I will post more like these similarities once I see some.

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  1. While I've no doubt it's really supposed to be based on European landscapes, DKC3 reminds me of some of the national parks here in the USA. The forests with the huge trees remind me of the massive sequoias that I saw last year when I went on a trip to California. It's quite a beautiful game... I used to not appreciate it as much because it didn't have PIRATE SHIPS and AWESOME LAVA VOLCANO AND THEME PARKS and ruins and jungles and so on, but the most recent time I played through it, I came to realize the beauty of its scenery and music. I could almost smell the forest again...